Welcome to St. Herman of Alaska Christian School! This handbook has been designed to outline the policies and procedures for the current school year. Please review the following information carefully as there are revisions from previous years. Keep this handbook handy for future reference throughout the school year. Students and parents are reminded that by your decision to attend St. Herman’s School, you agree to abide by the policies and procedures outlined in this handbook.


The School Year: The school year is organized around the Orthodox liturgical Julian calendar. The Great Feasts of the Church will be celebrated at school in the chapel with a Divine Liturgy which all the students will attend. The school day will begin as usual at 8:15 a.m. It has been our custom to offer a repast following these liturgies hosted by the school families. Periodically lesser feasts of the Church will be celebrated as part of our morning prayer rule. Orthodox students are encouraged to follow the tradition of fasting (abstaining from meat and dairy products) on Wednesdays and Fridays and other extended fasting periods. For those students who do not follow this tradition, we request your respect of this observance. 


The School Week: Monday through Friday, the school will be open from 8:00am until 3:00pm. There will be staff monitors to supervise your children when you drop them off and pick them up each day. Please use the Harvard Avenue entrance.

Arrival: The school day begins at 8:15 a.m. with morning prayers. Anchoring our day in prayer and Scripture is essential to a St. Herman School education. The sermon following morning prayers is part of the students’ Religious Education curriculum. Please have your children arrive in time to settle in and be ready to participate in morning prayers. Interruptions from late comers are disruptive to those who are praying. 

Tardiness is a burden for the whole school community, interrupting the children’s learning and depriving them of spiritual nourishment, as well as undermining the school day schedule. Homeroom teachers will take attendance at the beginning of morning prayers each day. If a child is tardy, he/she cannot enter the main room, especially during the Epistle and Gospel readings. Parents must wait with the child and supervise him/her until the student can enter the main room. After three tardies, the parents must report to the administration to explain the reasons for failure to arrive to school on time and to set up a conference to address possible solutions to the problem.

Daily dismissal times are listed below:
K1 & K2 students are dismissed daily at 12pm;

Grades 1-5 students dismissed at 2:45pm Monday through Thursday; Friday dismissal is at 12pm.

Grades 6-8 students are dismissed at 2:45pm Monday through Friday.

All students must be picked up from school by 3:00pm at the latest. Staff is unavailable to supervise the children after hours. Failure to pick up students on time will be documented and after three occasions, families will be charged a fee of $1 per minute late, payable to Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church by the following Monday. and will be asked as well to speak with the administration to address the problem and arrive at a solution.

If your child is to be picked up from school by anyone other than family members or designated carpool drivers, you must notify the Headmaster or Administrator on each specific occasion.

After school activities on school grounds: The school is not responsible for children after school hours (3:00pm); parents and private teachers must arrange proper supervision of students. Children are not permitted to stay in the church building without adult supervision. During after school activities, children must stay in the main room within the teacher’s or parent’s sight and proximity. 


The fundamental mission of St. Herman School is to provide students with a classical, Christ-centered education. Our goal is to provide a culture of scholarship and discipleship. As disciples of Jesus Christ, the conduct of staff and students must be guided by the Christian virtues of self-discipline, purity of heart, patience, contrition, perseverance, industriousness and humility as the foundation upon which academic education can be built.

We expect appropriate Christian conduct not only in the formal class setting, but also in the carpool, on field trips, and during recess. This appropriate Christian conduct includes:

✓ neatness/cleanliness in dress and personal hygiene; adherence to school dress code

✓ courtesy and respect towards teachers and classmates

✓ an attentive attitude during prayers and lessons

✓ restraint in speech, gestures and actions which disrupt or undermine the learning environment

✓ nightly homework assignments and long-term papers/projects completed in a timely manner

The St. Herman School Class Code of Conduct is sent to each family prior to the opening of school to be reviewed and signed by students and parents. All enrolled students must comply with the Class Code of Conduct. It is essential in these matters to have communication, consistency and cooperation between parents and staff. In order to prevent a child's behavior from becoming a chronic problem, we will follow the Disciplinary Procedures outlined in this handbook. 


◊ I will strive to pay attention during prayers and lessons.

◊ I will obey my teachers and treat them with respect for the responsibility they have been given to guide and instruct me.

◊ I will strive to act in a kind, considerate and respectful way towards my classmates without teasing or making fun of anyone.

◊ I will strive to forgive others and seek their forgiveness in return.

◊ I will raise my hand, speak in turn, and not interrupt a teacher or student who is speaking.

◊ I will responsibly complete all classwork and homework in a timely manner. ◊ I will not physically harm any other person before, during or after school.

◊ I will tell the truth with an awareness of standing before God at all times.

◊ I will not participate in gossip, slander, or “telling secrets” about others.

◊ I will treat all clergy and adults with deference and respect during the school day. 


When a child's behavior interferes with the integrity of the classroom or there are repeated instances of disrespect towards the faculty, adults, and students, the following steps will be implemented:

1. Student Infractions: When an infraction occurs in class, the teacher will send the student(s) to the Administrator to review the incident and then return the student to sit in the rest of the class. All missed class work is due the next day and an email will be sent from the Administrator to the parents.

2. Student Detention/Suspension: After three infractions/incidents, the student will be asked to serve detention at the convenience of the school. The Administrator will notify the parents, and a parental conference will be set up to review the student’s behavior and to determine if suspension is necessary. Should a child’s behavior be determined at any time to be physically dangerous to himself/herself or others, the child will be suspended at once and a parent conference held as soon as possible.

3. Student Expulsion: For major infractions, chronic unresolved misbehavior, or a breakdown in the partnership between the school and the family, an expulsion from school may become necessary. A formal letter will be sent to the parents and placed in the student's permanent record. Upon expulsion, the student’s paid tuition will not be refunded, and tuition due must be paid in full. 


Students are formally evaluated three times a year in December, March and June. Parents will be given an oral and written report regarding their child's performance and progress in specific areas of academic and social/moral areas. The Administrator makes up a schedule prior to conference dates, and appointment times will be noted on the monthly calendars. The attendance of at least one parent is required at all three Parent-Teacher Conferences during the school year.

Teachers and administrators will hold weekly office hours that will be announced at the beginning of the academic year. Appointments must be made in advance. 


Parents should notify the school of any unexpected absences as soon as possible, or by 8:15am at the latest on the given day. Doctors’ appointments and planned absences have to be communicated at least 48 hours in advance. For Middle School students, a classmate should be called regarding missed assignments (see Homework Policy--Exceptions and Missing Assignments, page 10). 


During the winter months, we follow the snow cancellation policy of the Boston Public Schools. This information can be accessed via WBZ radio (1030 AM) or TV (Channel 4) after 5:30 a.m. In rare instances, St. Herman School may follow a different closing schedule than the Boston Public School system. In that event, you will be personally notified by telephone before 7:00 a.m. by a staff member. If heavy snow or hazardous driving conditions are forecasted after school is in session, please have a contingency arrangement in place in the event that inclement weather necessitates an early school dismissal. 


The guiding principle in the development of our school appearance code is that the children’s clothing serve as a symbol of their vocation as students, “standing before God.” The standards of appearance apply to all full and part-time students, both boys and girls. We require that our students wear clothing that is modest, clean, well-fitting and without advertisements or media images. This particularly applies to outer wear. If in doubt, stick with solid navy. All students are required to have at least one school logo tee shirt for field trips. It is customary for women staff/ classroom volunteers to wear dresses or skirts on campus.

Extreme current hair fashion trends in styles, colors, and adornment are not acceptable. The only jewelry allowed are stud earrings and a cross necklace. No tattoos of any kind will be permitted. Serious dress code or hygiene infractions will be noted in the student’s file and on the Parent-Teacher conference report. We have a free uniform exchange program in which you are welcome to participate throughout the school year.

Girls, Children’s Garden and Class II: Dark navy jumper, knee-length or longer; white collared blouse; navy or white cardigan; and navy or white socks, tights. Navy bike shorts required if not wearing leg wear.

Girls, MS: Dark navy skirt (not straight style), knee-length or longer; white collared shirt; navy or white sweater; and navy or white socks or tights.

Boys, All Classes: Dark navy pants (no jeans, sweats, cargo pants or shorts); white collared shirt (a.k.a. Oxford shirt), navy or white sweater or vest. Please note: MS boys are required to wear a solid navy tie to classes except on PE day.

Only navy blue fleece jackets or vests may be worn as part of the school dress code. 

Physical Education (1st - 8th grade): Dark navy athletic shorts or sweats (not black or royal blue; no leggings) and school tee-shirts. All students must wear supportive sneakers to participate in P. E. activities.

Please clearly label all articles of clothing. Please encourage your child to check the lost and found frequently. 


Children’s Garden/Class II: The system the teachers use for communicating homework, school events, curriculum updates, and other information to the parents is the Communication Folder. The Communication Folder must be brought to school every day and checked each evening by the parents. The parent’s signature is required for all memos sent home and on the Homework Planner.

Middle School: The system used in the Middle School by the teachers is as follows: all students will be given a St. Herman Student Planner in the beginning of the year. They must fill in all events and homework assignments as given. The parent’s signature is required every day to ensure that the parents are aware of their student’s assignments as well as any communication from the teachers.

Note: For all students, the lack of parental signature will be reflected in their grades.

Before making outgoing calls for any reason, students must receive permission from a staff member. Although we understand that some of our students possess cell phones, our policy is that they may not be used, visible, or ring out loud during the school day, or they will be confiscated until dismissal. 



1. Homework is for the student.

2. Homework is a continuation of classwork and an essential part of the learning process.

3.Homework improves the ability of the student to work independently, thinkdeeply, and integrate knowledge.

4.Parents are part of this process providing time, a quiet place, and neededmaterials.

5. Parents check that the homework is complete, neat, and turned in on time. 6. We ask parents to refrain from doing the students’ homework.



• Assignment:
* Class II - homework is written by the teacher on the homework planner in

the communication folder and requires a parental signature each night.
* Middle school - homework is written on the classroom board, is recorded accurately by each student in the personal planner provided by the school, and

requires a parental signature each night.
• When - Homework must be done on time. It is best completed by the night before the date due. It is recommended that assignments should be completed gradually over time rather than at the last minute.

• How long:
* Class II - each student should generally not spend more than one hour on

homework per night.
* Middle school - each student should generally not spend more than two

hours on homework per night.
• Schedule - Each teacher will provide a daily and weekly schedule that divides larger assignments into small increments to help the students complete their assignment on time. We ask parents to check the student’s adherence to the schedule and provide a parental signature.


A) In the event of illness or excused absence: 1) The parent is required to:

• call or inform the classroom teacher and notify the administrator as soon as possible or by 8:15 on the given day.

• ensure that the student communicates with a classmate, and acquires the missed assignment.

2) The student is required to:
• Ask a classmate for the missed assignment and complete it as specifiedby the teacher.

B) Saint Herman School recognizes that many of the families place a high priority on the liturgical life of the Church. Teachers may reduce or waive homework for major feast days that fall on week days.


Homework comprises a significant portion of each student’s grade. Students are expected to fully and correctly complete the assignments on time. Parents will be informed immediately when a student forgets or fails to complete an assignment. The grade for late assignments will be determined as follows:

* Class II - the teacher will determine the time when the student must complete the late assignment and inform the parent.

* Middle school:

a) for classes that meet 3-5 times a week, the student will lose 10% for each day the homework is late and will receive 0% after three days unless specified by the teacher.

b) for classes that meet 1-2 times a week, students will automatically receive 0% on late assignments unless specified by the teacher. 


Monthly meetings with the headmaster will be held throughout the school year from 8am to 9am as an essential part of communication between the school and families. These meetings provide a forum for the lively exchange of ideas, information, and inspiration among parents and staff. The attendance of at least one parent from each family is expected at these meetings. 


As a parent-founded school, much of what makes St. Herman School unique is the invaluable volunteer participation of our families. Our students greatly benefit from the skillful gifts and talents of parents in many necessary areas. It is our policy to require anywhere between 20-40 hours of volunteer work for those receiving scholarship, awards and/or grants; it is encouraged and expected that each family will contribute according to their abilities. A volunteer questionnaire is sent out prior to the beginning of the new school year where it is expected of all parents to sign up in areas of the services listed.

Class Parent: One parent is needed per class to coordinate closely with classroom teachers to plan and prepare for field trips, special events and projects. This does not necessarily require your presence in the classroom. The role provides a great help to the teachers in providing special activities that will enhance the educational experience. Please consider serving the school in this important role. 


Each parent must complete a yearly Student Health Form, signed by the child's physician. This health form is strictly confidential. In compliance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health laws, it is required of all private and public schools to have a record of the immunizations of each student enrolled. This information must be noted on the health form and should be up-to-date by the first day of school. For families who do not immunize their children for medical or religious reasons, a waiver to this effect must be attached to the current year's health record. This waiver can be obtained from your personal physician. In addition, we need up-to-date medical releases and contact information in the event of an unforeseen emergency during the school day.

Many students come to the school office requesting medication for headaches or upset stomachs. By law we cannot administer any prescription or over-the-counter medications. When a student becomes sick at school we make every effort to contact the parents as it may be necessary for you to pick up your child. It is school policy that children remain at home while running a fever and that they be fever-free (without OTC medication) for 24 hours before returning to school. When a child demonstrates noticeable symptoms (coughing, sneezing, dripping nose etc.), please respect the school environment and keep your child at home until these have subsided in order to prevent contagion. If your child is diagnosed by a physician with any of the following communicable diseases (e.g. head lice, impetigo, strep, mumps, measles, chicken pox, whooping cough, 5th disease), he or she may not return to school for 48 hours following the start of antibiotic treatment, or until a physician determines that the child is no longer contagious. 


Children’s Garden (K1-1 Grade):
✓ 2 Pencils (HB 2, “My First”), STAEDLER colored pencils ✓ Large Hard Case Pencil Box
✓ Back pack (large enough to carry a 3-ring notebook)
✓ Lunch box
These items should be labeled for easy identification.

Grades 2 – 4:
✓ 1 new box of STAEDLER 24 colored pencils
✓ 1 pencil box
✓ 1 pair scissors
✓ 12 #2 or HB Pencils - no mechanical pencils
✓ 1 12-inch and centimeter rulers
✓ 2 composition books, quad 4X4 Rule
✓ 1 pencil sharpener STAEDLER

Middle Schoolers:
(all of the above supplies, plus the following)
✓ 3-4 Compositions Books: quad 4X4 Rule, 80 sheets, 9 3/4" X 7 1/2"
✓ 1 1/2 inch binder 200 sheets college rule paper+7 dividers with tabs+labels ✓ Compass (STAEDLER Geometry Set)
✓ Ruler (STAEDLER Geometry Set)
✓ Protractor (STAEDLER Geometry Set)
✓ Calculator TI 30 X (or XA, or XS)
✓ 1 green or blue pen (to correct HW)
✓ two packets college rule notebook paper
✓ 2 packets graph paper
✓ 4 hole punched folders
✓ Class II art+supplies
✓ Plastic Sleeves

It is the parents' responsibility to keep track of and replace their child's supplies throughout the school year. 


In order to enroll at Saint Herman of Alaska Christian School, parents must sign the Parental Acknowledgement Form, confirming that they have read and agree with this Student Handbook. Parents are encouraged to share the rules outlined in this handbook with their children in order to inform them of the school’s expectation of conduct and behavior.

The deadline for parental decisions on re-enrollment of the students is March 15th. The registration fee of $250 per child is due at that time.

Tuition: One third of the tuition must be paid in full by the beginning of the academic year, with the second and third portion due at the beginning of the subsequent trimesters. In case of expulsion, as outlined in the Disciplinary Procedures, tuition paid is not refundable, and the tuition due for the rest of the year is not waived.

Scholarships: Applications for scholarships are due no later than April 15th of the previous academic year. Scholarship recipients are subject to evaluation every trimester and must remain in good academic and disciplinary standing in order to continue receiving aid from the school. 


Students graduate St. Herman School upon successfully completing the coursework through eighth grade. Students who leave the school prior to that will receive a Certificate of Completion through the given grade.

In order to receive the final grades for the year and/or the diploma from the school, the school must receive clearance from the treasurer and the administration. Therefore, the following must take place:

✓ All bills and fees must be paid in full.
✓ All textbooks and library books must be returned.
✓ All coursework must be completed, and grades must be passing.
✓ The student must be in good academic and disciplinary standing.


Opening Prayer:

O most gracious Lord, send down upon us the grace of the Holy Spirit, to grant us intelligence and strength in the power of our souls, that we may attend to the instruction given us, to grow up to glorify Thee our Creator, to gladden our parents, and to serve the Church and Her people. Amen.


We thank Thee, our Creator, who has granted us the grace to attend to the instruction given us. Bless our parents and teachers who are leading us to a knowledge of good and grant us energy and strength to persevere in our studies. Amen. 


St. Herman School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school- administered programs.