St. Herman of Alaska Christian School is a monument and institution for parents who look for the support of the school to solidify, and not counteract, their labors in passing on the flame of zeal for God to their children. It is a proof that education is more than a collection of facts or skills required to “make it” and survive in this world, but rather a training of the mind body and soul as a handmaiden for our life with Christ. One prominent Russian Bishop expressed this very clearly when he said that the goal for parents and educators in regard to their children should be to “raise Saints”. If the parents are able to work together with the teachers and priests, then a firm foundation and straight course is set for the child’s future in the world and in the Church. This three-fold relationship is the subject of a brief article written by the founder and Headmaster of St. Herman of Alaska Christian School. The article delves into the importance of seeking to find a balance and completion in education by pursuing the three “weight-bearing pillars of education.” (the article is available here)

The educational tone of St. Herman of Alaska Christian School is classical and deeply Christian. Our classes are small, and divided into multi-grade clusters. Student-Teacher relationship is of primary concern, providing ample individual attention for the students in each class. The class structure is personal and very human, based on the relationship between the teacher and the student and the mutual care of students for each other.

At St. Herman of Alaska Christian School we strive to take the profound ideas given to us by the Scriptures, Church Fathers, the writings and research based findings of contemporary educators and put them into practice. It is a continual process of self-reflection and application of these ideas in the realm of content, teaching method and goals. We are a “work in progress” and use the ideals presented thus far as a measuring stick, by which we can determine what we need to do to fulfill the call to implement a Theanthropic (both divine and human in nature or quality) education.



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