St. Herman of Alaska Christian School proves that education is more than a collection of facts or skills required to “make it” in this world, but it is the formation of the mind, body, and soul as a servant for our life with Christ. In the words of Archbishop ___insert name___, the ultimate goal for parents and educators should be to “raise Saints.” At Saint Herman School, the teachers, priests, and parents form a close partnership which cultivates virtue and wisdom, inspires a love for learning, and prepares children for a bright future, both in the world and in the Church.

In short, our goals are: 

To kindle and nurture a zeal for God and love for neighbor.

To cultivate the seed of self-knowledge and discernment.

To educate children toward an inspired understanding of the world, laying a solid foundation for their future vocation.

To create an Orthodox curriculum, Orthodox educational methodology in the classical tradition.

To serve and benefit parents, pastors, home-schooling families and other educators as well as providing a compendium of useful resources.