Note:The following is excerpted from the full SHS Curriculum. Click HERE For more information on aquiring a copy of our curriculum. 

"The study of the created order has commonly been seen as a manifestation of the study of the Creator. While various arguments exist regarding the studies of science and theology and how they are to relate, St. Herman's does not see a conflict between the two disciplines. Rather, it is clear that both are intimately connected, science serving to enrich ones knowledge of God, His creation and how we can be better stewards of it. Students at St. Herman's, from Children's Garden to Middle School, learn about God's Creation, beginning in simple terms, and becoming increasingly more complex and theoretical. In later years, students are taught the elements of experimentation, the history of various disciplines within the scientific world, as well as prominent scientists and inventors. Finally, they are introduced to the studies of chemistry, biology, physics and astronomy on a much more complex level. They are also encouraged, throughout their education, to be aware of their affect on the environment and the world around them, using the lens of science to gauge their activity.

It must be noted that the study of nature is not equivalent to that of science. Nature study is evidenced through theology, poetry, art, and general observation. Science comes with a specific approach and method..."