Note:The following is excerpted from the full SHS Curriculum. Click HERE For more information on aquiring a copy of our curriculum.  

According to the Optina Elders, a musical education refines the soul and prepares it for the reception of spiritual impressions.  Musical participation and appreciation awakens the child’s soul to beauty and a striving towards perfection. A child who develops a love for beautiful music early on will not be as easily tempted by popular and base music later in their life.

Music not only cultivates an appreciation for beauty but also teaches children valuable lessons for life. Participating in a choral or instrumental ensemble provides students with the opportunity to re-create a masterpiece with their fellow classmates and join them in expressing something high, lofty, and beautiful. They learn about teamwork, attentiveness, the dependency of parts within a group, organization, attention to detail, the importance of even the most humble position, problem solving, the necessity of obedience, and the value of leadership. At St. Herman’s we cultivate an appreciation and love for classical music in a variety of ways.



 The Kindermusic website says:

“There is no longer any doubt that there is a significant link between early music instruction and cognitive growth in certain other, “nonmusical” abilities, such as math, memory, and spatial-temporal reasoning. In fact, studies focused specifically on music for young children even suggest that these cognitive gains increase according to the number of years that students engage in active music learning, and even that the younger children are when they begin, the greater the gains will be!”

In Children’s Garden, students have weekly sessions developing their audio skills, exposing them to basic rhythmic elements, and cultivating an enjoyment of music that continues for the rest of their life.


Saint Herman’s School Choir

 All students in Class II and Middle School participate in the school choir. The school choir rehearses weekly and performs a minimum of two concerts each academic year. Through St. Herman’s choral program, students have learned many famous Classical works as well as folk songs from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Romania, England, Norway, and America. Additionally, students learn about breathing techniques, posture, and diction in their weekly rehearsals.


Instrumental Music Program

St. Herman’s offers additional after-school instrumental classes. These classes are offered in the form of group and individual instruction. Instruments that are or have been offered are: classical guitar, piano, recorder, and violin. Students with a musical talent and interest enjoy the extra supplement to their studies and are able to develop a camaraderie amongst classmates who share their interests. These classes also teach music theory and ear training allowing students to advance as much as their ability and dedication allows.

In the media player below you will find a sample of some of the music that some friends of the school have performed especially for our children, If you are interested in ordering the CD album, please email us.