Note:The following is excerpted from the full SHS Curriculum. Click HERE For more information on aquiring a copy of our curriculum. 

a. Latin - At St. Herman School, we believe that the children's comprehension of English grammar is greatly enhanced by the study of Latin grammar beginning at a very young age. Knowing the Latin roots of words greatly reinforces English vocabulary since over 75% of English derives from Greek or Latin.

b. Greek - Students in the Middle School learn New Testament (Koine) Greek in order to enhance their knowledge of the Bible, as well as expanding their general knowledge of languages and the skills that this knowledge provides.

c. English as a Second Language - St. Herman's makes a special effort to accommodate foreign students who consider English their second language. Thus, all foreign students enrolled at St. Herman's School begin their studies by experiencing an immersion language program. This includes hearing English from teachers and classmates, as well as learning the language from the prominent computer language program, Rosetta Stone