Note:The following is excerpted from the full SHS Curriculum. Click HERE For more information on aquiring a copy of our curriculum. 

a. Drama - At St. Herman's, our students not only read classical literature and memorize poetry, but they act this literature out. In portraying roles from their favorite stories, students vicariously acquire the virtue of heroes and learn to shun the vices of villains.

b. Artist-in-Residence Program - At St. Herman's School, many friends of the school, who are themselves endowed with creative gifts and use them either on a professional or amateur level offer, come to offer classes and help pass on the artistic flame to the next generation of potential artists.  Over the years, we have been blessed with master artists who have volunteered their skills and gifts to our student apprentices in various media.

c. Handcrafts (taught seasonally) - Through handcrafts children experience lessons in patience, humility, perseverance, and teamwork.  The skills and lessons learned become a memorable and formative step in their educational experience at St. Herman's. We believe that the children's discovery of their capabilities not only lead to a sense of satisfaction, but also an appreciation, confidence and contentment with what they have and what they are able to make with their own hands. We hope to lead them away from the general tide of consumerism. Christians, we teach, should be producers, not consumers.