Note:The following is excerpted from the full SHS Curriculum. Click HERE For more information on aquiring a copy of our curriculum.

a. Watercolor - Fine Arts for the younger grades consist of Water Color for the Elementary Grades through a course developed by the Childrens Education Resource Library, Inc, (Indianapolis, IN) and adapted by St. Herman's School. Following the natural and liturgical seasons of the school year, the children take part in the simple joy of painting in primary color, objects that are both identifiable to them and others, and are easily mastered for their age level. 

b. Drawing - The upper classes (Fourth-Sixth Grade) are introduced to the art of drawing. Students learn the basics of academic drawing with pencil and paper in the classical/European method (i.e. how to think about the object they observe with their eyes). They see an object and learn to break it down and reproduce it with as much skill as they possess at their stage of their development.