At St. Herman’s School our students are introduced to the breadth and depth of knowledge—the study of history, science, mathematics, grammar, literature, the arts—not as fragmented facts, but as a coherent whole. To this end, we offer the following course of study:


  • Religious Studies (Old and New Testament, Church history, lives of the saints, spiritual life)
  • Language Arts (reading, writing, grammar, penmanship, creative writing, composition)
  • Classical Literature (with monthly Literary Guild)
  • Mathematics (up to Algebra 2)
  • Geometry
  • Science and Nature Study
  • Physics
  • History (Ancient, World, American)
  • Geography
  • Astronomy
  • Latin
  • New Testament (Koine) Greek
  • Invidiual Tutoring for Special Needs in Language Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Handicrafts (woodworking, sculpture, printing and other medium)
  • Fine Arts (painting, drawing, drama, choral singing, recorder, music theory and Kindermusik)
  • Handwork (knitting, hand sewing, embroidery)
  • Seasonal cooking
  • Horticulture and gardening
  • Field Trips