• "St. Herman's is a wonderful school....I've never seen a group of children so absorbed in a class as the group who were listening to their teacher read from Great Expectations...I'm impressed by St. Herman School's commitment to teaching virtue and good habits of character. I wish I had known about it before I wrote my book on moral education [Why Johnny Can't Tell Right from Wrong]. St. Herman's  would have been my prime example of the right way to do things."

     ~William K. Kilpatrick, Ph.D.

       School of Education, Boston College


  • "Thank you...for coming and sharing the Christmas spirit with our participants...I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you, your staff and students have contributed to our Center over the years...It has been truly inspiring to see the wonderful relationships that have formed between the children and elders..."

      ~Michele Keefe

        Asst. Director, Rogerson Communities


  • "The students coming to LCA from St. Herman School were among our very best: they were notably bright and inquisitive, creative, diligent and self-disciplined, with a sold base of knowledge and strong intellectual ability. [They were] considerate of others, helpful, constructive, happy, enthusiastic, utterly dependable, and solidly grounded in their faith."

     ~J. Barry Koops, Ph.D.

       Headmaster (1990-2006) LCA   

  • "My dear wonderful friends-thank you for helping Anya! You gave Anya a good education. She speaks English fluently now, she is interested in every subject, and there is not a single person in your school with whom she would not like to meet again."

     ~A Grateful Russian Grandmother of a recent exchange student who visited us from Russia 


    • "My special time with Class II drafting essays, researching states, brainstorming representative costumes and presenting ideas was the highlight of my semester! I felt so encouraged to see young people respect and exhort one another to succeed, but with the larger context of community. I saw them cooperate and complement each other - two girls explained to me that ''they work well together because they have opposite strenghts...as opposed to weaknesses!'' I found the experience delightful and I wanted to tell you how impressed  I was with their ability to focus, follow directions and most of all, to work together to ensure that everyone was able to finish together and cheer as a group. Thank you for that blessing!"

    ~A Substitute Teacher